Thursday, August 19, 2010

Forced to paint

This morning around 4am the motor on the central a/c unit for the second floor of our house died.  My DH and I both woke up about the same time and realized we were a lot warmer than usual.  Luckily for us, we were able to get a repair person out this morning and he was able to locate the part so the system can be repaired tomorrow.  Thankfully there is another system that cools the first floor and basement so we are not totally without relief from August in the DC area.   Since our master bedroom has cathedral ceilings, it gets hot in there rather fast, so by afternoon, I was forced to abandon my office on the second floor and retreat to the basement where it is cool.  Anyway, since I was down there, I decided to work on a piece I started a few weeks ago.  I am not sure if I am finished with it, but decided to share where it is so far....   I put in on an easel to take the picture, that is why you see the wrought iron at the bottom.  I love painting Angels!  Her wings are cut from textured wall paper, and her robe is a combination of a painted security envelope and a piece of decorator paper.  Still need to work on her face a bit, but I'm liking where she is going....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wow, Where IS she?

Hi everyone,
Yep I'm still around, just took a break from blogging,  possibly one of many breaks when classes resume in two weeks.  Can't recall if I mentioned that I am taking painting and drawing in the fall semester.  Some say that drawing is the cornerstone of art, and if that is true, I need to learn the basics and learn more about proportion in my drawing.   We did a bit of drawing in the watercolor class, and I realized the need for proportion when painting the face and body.   I am a little intimidated to be taking a class with college kids who probably started drawing and painting in grade school , especially since my work will looks like a toddler did it. 8-)  Well not really, but you know what I mean....

In the down time until class starts, I am taking another online class from Julie Pritchard and Chris Cozen on The Land of Lost Luggage network.  I have only done two of the assignments so far, but it is an interesting class.

I don't have any art to share this time, but I have placed some art DVD's in my Etsy shop that may be of interest to acrylic painters, so check it out.   Link is on the right of this page.  The Ann Baldwin class/DVD is outstanding as is the one with Jacqueline Sullivan.