Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey Y'all!

Thought I would blog today to show I am still around, just very busy.  I am taking a drawing class this semester at the community college.  I initially planned to take painting as well, but dropped it because I didn't want to buy all the huge tubes of oil paints.  I know cheapo Pat, but there it is.
Really enjoying the drawing class and interacting with the young adults in the class.  I was concerned about my drawing level, but it looks like my skill level fits right in..phew!
I am still painting,  taking Sharon and Deryn's online class, and the Chaos and Calm class with Chris Cozen and Julie Pritchard.  Sharon and Deryn's class is so fun, this picture is one of the collages I did for the class.  I haven't made my bezels yet (want to do that this weekend with my girlfriend) because I'm sort of nervous about the butane torch.   So I'm off again, hope to post again soon...