Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Work and Great News!!

I've been painting on wood substrates since I returned from Art and Soul. I knew I loved this surface prior to taking classes using it, but after learning new techniques, I am sure this will be my surface of choice in the future. Here are two pieces I have painted on the wood substrate.
Now on to the great news... my work has been published!! I am over the moon. I received a free copy of Sew Somerset today and one of my small art quilts is featured in the gallery section of the magazine! This is my first time being featured in a magazine, and gives me courage to work harder and send in more artwork.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photos from Art and Soul

As promised here are pictures of three of the classes I took. When I complete the two book I will post photos of them. I took this class from Lisa Kaus.

I took this class from Serena Barton. These were done from collaging magazine pages. The first one was made from small pieces of pictures of flowers, and the other was made from a piece of yellow cake with whipped cream frosting.

I took this class from Katie Kendrick. I know it doesn't look like my ususal paintings, the concept was to draw pictures with your non-dominant hand...
More later.

Back from Art and Soul

Okay, so I have been back for over a week, but it has taken me almost this long to recuperate from all the fun. I had a wonderful time and all the classes were great. This was my second year and the best so far. I have a few photos of my completed work, and will post them later today or tomorrow. The book I worked on in Misty Mawn's class is far from completed, but I will share a few pages tomorrow.