Saturday, March 28, 2009

Art & Soul Fatbook swap

I joined the A&S fatbook swap again this year. Only 4 weeks before the event ! Woo Hoo!! The theme of the event is Rock and Roll as was the theme for the fatbook. I really struggled with this theme, because even though I love R&R, I am more of an R&B girl. My all time favorite R&R band is The Beatles, and I thought I would use them as my focus. I must admit that I always want art to be fun and when it becomes stressful, then I of course no longer enjoy it. That was the case with this swap. We had 45 pages to do (I know) and by page 10 I was wondering if i was crazy to have joined. We had the option of doing something that related to Art and Soul, or to a class we took at A&S. I decided to paint some of the pages, but alas that was REALLY time consuming. So to put this whine to bed, here are a few of the pages I did. I hope the recipient won't be too disappointed.


jgr said...

Hi Pat,
Wow, I really like your cards. I looked at the close-up view-you can really see the texture and richness.


Lolly said...

Well, if the recipients don't like them it's certainly THEIR issue, not yours...cuz I like them. They're fun, bright, and interesting.