Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photos from Art and Soul

As promised here are pictures of three of the classes I took. When I complete the two book I will post photos of them. I took this class from Lisa Kaus.

I took this class from Serena Barton. These were done from collaging magazine pages. The first one was made from small pieces of pictures of flowers, and the other was made from a piece of yellow cake with whipped cream frosting.

I took this class from Katie Kendrick. I know it doesn't look like my ususal paintings, the concept was to draw pictures with your non-dominant hand...
More later.


Serena Barton said...

Hi Pat,

I love your portraits, as well as your Art and Soul work! I'm definitely going to follow your blog, even though I can't quite figure out the Facebook stuff...

I loved hanging out with you at Hampton and having you in my class.

Warmest Wishes,


susi said...

I was in Lisa's class - wasn't that fun? Have you made anything since? Love your dolls. I'm close to signing up for a class. Especially seeing yours!