Friday, February 5, 2010

Great Find

I am taking a few online classes this month (what's new), but I think this is it for me for a while unless something really awesome comes along.   A couple of the classes have to do with drawing and painting faces, but I am also taking an awesome class in color theory, offered by Julie Pritchard andChris Cozen.

Great class and exercises to help one understand color and the color wheel.  They focus mainly on Golden products since Chris works for Golden.  They peaked my interest so much that I checked out books on the subject and found these three.

These three books are awesome.  As a woman of color I often struggle with skin tones, and have often resorted to craft paint colors in my paintings as opposed to trying to mix the colors.  I now have the confidence to try mixing my own skin tones to celebrate the many skin tones of people of color.


soraya nulliah said...

Hi-I totally know what you mean about painting darker skin tones! I find that yellow ochres, burnt siennas and alizarin crimson work well. Ultramarine blues for the shadows-sometimesa lighter blue as well (cobalt). Hope this helps a bit!-Soraya

Pat said...

Thanks Soraya, definitely going to try that combination!