Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 3 Journal Pages

This week we are taking our journal ages a step further by adding doodles. I added doodles as well as a bit more collage on the pages. I als0 decided to make an additional page (pink).

I am really enjoying this online class. I never really worked on journal pages prior to this month, and I have learned a lot from this class as well as from pushing myself to journal each day with Misty Mawn. As you can see, I have fallen off of Misty's wagon. lol

I have also taken the plunge into Facebook. I follow several blogs everyday, and while reading Ginny Small's blog a few days ago, she mentioned that she had joined Facebook. I have had a Facebook page for several months, but never updated it or looked for friends. I decided to add Ginny as a friend, and as a result found that there are so many like minded mixed media artists as well as quilters out there. What fun!

I waffled back and forth between quilting and art. These days I am working on a quilt for our king-sized bed. This will be my first really large quilt, so although I have a fairly simple block, it is going to take me longer than I had planned for this endeavor. Thankfully, I only need to piece the quilt. I have a wonderful woman who quilts my quilts and since she is local, there is no added cost of mailing it to someone across the country and waiting up to a year to get it back.

As I mentioned a few months ago, I took a part time job. After three months, I decided I didn't like working part-time (our accountant will approve) so I have more time to work on my art. Since I don't really like the dark days of winter, I thought being in the bright sometimes friendly environment of a store would lift my spirits. It did for a few months, but the long hours of standing took its toll on my knees. So I am back home, and very happy about it.

Well, back to piecing....

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quiltcrazygal said...

Beautiful journal pages! Very impressive:) I will have to check out your facebook also. It's great fun to find art friends on line and share work. Jenna Louise