Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Finally getting around to decorating the house.  Still have a LOT of gifts to make and finish up, but decided to take a break and liven up the house a bit.  I noticed that each year I want to decorate less and less, because I HATE putting all the decorations away.  Plus time is passing so fast that it seems as soon as I put everything up, it's time to take it out again.  They say that's a sign of getting older...time passing at warp speed.

Along with getting my holiday chores done, I still have homework to do from a online class I am taking with Misty Mawn.  Very cool class.  She is planning to offer another one next month, so I need to get cracking to finish up my paintings before the next session starts.  I am also psyched about a photoshop class starting next month with DJ Pettit.  It will be so cool to learn how to enhance my photos.

I may not get a chance to post again before the holidays, so Happy Holidays everyone!

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