Thursday, March 25, 2010

Todays work

Have you ever had the sort of day that you can't wait to get into the studio, only to be at a loss of what to create once you arrive?  That was the way my day began.  The past several days have been rather dreary weather wise, which has always affected my moods.  ( I could never live in the Pacific NW).  Anyway, I awoke this morning to sunshine and the urge to go down to the studio. My studio is in our basement, and although it has windows, and a lot of overhead lighting, it can still feel dark to me if the weather is dreary.
I watched a bit of TV as I puttered around trying to decide what to create.  I ran across an article by Misty Mawn in an old Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, where she is sharing her background techniques among other things.  So that is how I spent my morning, making backgrounds.  It was a lot of fun and now that they are dry, I am looking at them to see what they are showing me.  In the blue one, I see a womans body, and in the mauve one I see two large birds.  Not sure what the others are saying, but I guess I know what I will be drawing permitting! lol

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Martha Lever said...

These are very beautiful! I really like the last blue and green one.