Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Artist Board or Stretched Canvas

Over the past month, I have been painting on a hard substrate as opposed to stretched canvas, and I must say I love the hard surface. Our local Michael's has been renovated and is now more of a scrapbooking store than the usual Michael's. The new store has more true art supplies (Golden products in various sizes, large supply of paint brushes and papers) as well as the new artist boards by Ampersand.
I find these cradled boards so great because painting and collaging on the hard surface is so much easier. Have you tried it using wood, or a hard surface as opposed to a stretched canvas?
I keep going back with my coupon to purchase more....I'm hooked! lol

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jamie Fingal said...

please e-mail me regarding pattern for Whimsical House Quilt

ginny said...

I agree that it is much easier to work on a hard board than stretched canvas for collage. I always seem to stretch the canvas more than I intended.
Love your artwork!