Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cleaning and Organizing

As I mentioned last month, I took a part time job at a local fabric store. Although it is a national chain, since I am a fabric snob (quilt store fabric only), there is no chance of me doing major damage to my tiny check with fabrics from the store. It also is a small store and has no true art supplies, so I am home free on that count too. But being in the store and having to do a bit of housekeeping most shifts, I have come away with the organizing bug. I even straightened up that messy desk I showed you last time.
Any how, after spending a few days doing water color (I'll tell you about that later) I decided to start cleaning up part of my stash. I know that when packing, rolling garments give more room, so I decided to roll the larger pieces of fabric (I know this is nothing new) and it has made a big difference. It is given me more room, and I have a better idea of what I have. See what i mean...
Before and after. I'm still working on it and have another book case to finish and then a large cabinet (big job).

The first picture was poorly shot, but you can see what a mess it was. I would have to take all of the pieces out to find what I was looking for and to audition fabrics. I'll still need to pull things out, but it will be easier to put them back and see them.
Tomorrow I will post pictures of the poppies I am painting in Michelle Brown's online water color class, so stop back by.

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Vivian said...

Your fabrics are so colorful I think I need to roll mine, too. Right now they are stacked and it's hard to see what I have. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. :)