Friday, November 21, 2008

To blog or not to blog

I have been thinking over the past month that blogging though fun, is not giving me the outlet I had hoped to meet and share ideas. I see that people do check in here from time to time, but never leave a comment or suggestion. Am I thalking to myself?


Dizzy Little Kingdom said...

Hi Pat, I'm new to blogging and was wondering if anyone was visiting my site - but I've found that I needed to start leaving comments at my favorite sites and that drew people to mine. Please don't give up. You're artwork is beautiful and your journals are such an inspiration to me to try different mediums and collage pieces. Thank you for sharing your passions with all of us!

ginny said...

I have several hundred people a day reading my blog (so my counter tells me) but I am lucky to get a half dozen comments. On today's post I got 9 comments.
I decided that I do it for me and for my extended family who I know read it regularly. It is a kind of discipline that teaches me to really look at the day and the world around me and see what might be interesting.
Okay, I enjoyed seeing your art room and the wonderful hanging the wall. I also enjoyed seeing your fabric books and other works. It is a wonderful blog.