Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring anyone?

I have caught the digital art bug. I have for the past week, been searching the web for online classes and free tutorials. I have found some great sites and tutorials. While searching my photos in Photoshop for photos I could use in a digital piece, I came across this photo of Verbena's from a hanging pot on our deck last summer. It really made me smile and dream of the warm days to come. I didn't do much art out on the deck last summer, but this winter's cabin fever has made me determined to spend some afternoons out there painting, drawing, or soldering. Anyone else out there with cabin fever?

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Bev said...

Yep I'm sure ready for we came up the walkway beside one of the perennial gardens here at home I saw several little sprouts peeking out of the soil...weeeee..not too much longer now!!!